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Infrastructure / Transportation Ballot Recap

05 Nov 2014

Throughout the country yesterday, there were a number of key measures on the ballot that would fund infrastructure projects. Here’s a brief recap of how the votes went.

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California – 66.8% vote yes for water bond that will inject more than $7 Billion into California’s water infrastructure and collection systems.

Hawaii – 68.8% vote yes to issue bonds to dam and reservoir owners for maintenance/improvements.

Maine – 65.3% of voters approved the issuance of $10 Million in bonds to support clean drinking water and related systems.

Maryland – 81.6% of voters approved a measure that would keep monies allocated to the transportation system solely for the purpose of building and maintaining transportation-related systems.

Rhode Island – 60% of voters approved a measure that will issue $35 Million in bonds to improve the state’s mass transit systems.

Texas – 79.8% approve Texas Prop 1, which we’ve covered extensively with Dire States. The measure will pump approximately $1.7 Billion annually into state road and bridge projects.

Wisconsin – 79.9% approve a constitutional amendment to commit monies generated by the transportation system solely to the maintenance and construction of transportation systems.

Unsuccessful Measures 

Louisiana – 67.5% of voters voted against the creation of a state infrastructure bank to fund transportation projects.

Massachusetts – 52.9% of voters repealed the gas tax indexing mechanism in the state that tied the gas tax to the Consumer Price Index.