Dire States Equipment Grant

CASE Construction Equipment started Dire States to champion local community infrastructure improvement through awareness, advocacy and action. For the fifth year, CASE is offering a Dire States $25,000 Equipment Grant to help advance infrastructure in need of repair, completion or new development to a deserving village, town, municipality or county.

Think about the possibilities! Create safer, more connected communities through projects such as:

  • Transportation (Bridges, roads, airports, rail transport)
  • Schools (Public schools and universities, public training institutes)
  • Waste Management
  • Parks & Recreation (Public parks and gardens, beaches, historical sites, natural reserves)
  • Waterways & Water Sources (Water supply, water resource management, flood management, proper sewage and drainage systems, coastal restoration)
  • Telecommunications (Telephone network, broadband network, WiFi services)
  • Power & Energy Systems (Power grid, power stations, wind turbines, gas pipelines, solar panels)

The winning community will effectively communicate the local impact that the completion of their project will have on all aspects of daily life in the area. The equipment will be awarded to the partner contractor for the purpose of completing the work and lowering the total cost of the project.

As of the date of entry in the grant, you must be at least twenty-one (21) years old and be employed by a state or local governmental entity. See geographical and other eligibility requirements in the official entry rules link below.

Terms and conditions apply. Click here to view the Dire States 2021 Equipment Grant Official Rules and Conditions. Enter using this form by December 31, 2020 to help improve your community.





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If yes, please confirm with the contractor prior to submission that they are willing to work with the provided equipment and that it will serve the purpose of lowering total construction costs.

If no, please confirm that you will work the award of the $25,000 in free equipment use into the specifications as you put the project out to bid.