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Month: April 2018

Surrey, North Dakota Wins 2018 Dire States Grant for Citywide Drainage Control and Flood Mitigation Projects

09 Apr 2018

CASE Construction Equipment has awarded the $25,000 Dire States Equipment Grant to Surrey, North Dakota for much-needed road drainage revitalization and flood control projects throughout the city. Due to years of sudden urban planning and insufficient funding, several drainage-ways have filled with years of sediment, restricting natural run-off of storm water and yearly snowmelt. There are also several roads that require drainage ditches to be installed to prevent flooding.

The poor drainage has wreaked havoc on roadways throughout Surrey—costing large portions of the city’s yearly budget to maintain. In addition to flooding and infrastructure damage, the drainage issues have caused several areas in town to collect and pool standing water, creating a public health concern.

The 2018 grant will provide the township with $25,000 in free equipment rental for the project through CASE dealer Titan Machinery.

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Dire States Equipment Grant Makes an Impact in Tioga County, New York

08 Apr 2018

Awarded with the first Dire States grant in 2016, the Tioga County Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) in Tioga County, New York, used the grant to supplement its Environmentally Sensitive Stream Maintenance Program. The program is in place to mitigate damages from flooding events, which have had considerable impact on the local infrastructure and the community. Tioga County’s local CASE dealer, Monroe Tractor, assisted multiple municipalities in environmentally sound, necessary projects to protect, upgrade or restore ailing infrastructure.

A total of four towns and five projects were completed with the assistance of the Dire States Grant. Each project was an opportunity to assist a municipality with the equipment rentals, as well as an opportunity for hands on training for Tioga County municipal leaders.

One of the completed projects was an undersized culvert in the Town of Berkshire. The culvert was damaged in storm events and was a barrier for aquatic life passage. In addition, an 8-foot drop off continued to erode and created a dangerous safety issue for the community.

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