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Month: July 2016

The Rough Road: Driving Douglas County

08 Jul 2016

In Wisconsin’s great north – where the logging industry, tourists and the public all share the same roads – transportation funding has led to uncertain replacement schedules and a crumbling county highway system.

Spring break-up is a natural phenomenon that has a violent effect on roads in northern Wisconsin. The frost heaves; asphalt and concrete is pushed up and then settled back down out of place. Add in varying soil conditions and heavy truck traffic from the logging industry, and the roads in one of the most scenic parts of the state are quite ugly.

In Douglas County, which maintains 338 miles of county highways, 46 percent of those roads feature a PASER rating of four or less (click here for an explanation of the PASER rating). Another 40 percent feature a rating of eight or less. In all, that’s 86 percent of the county’s roads in need of maintenance, and in some cases, full reconstruction.

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CASE Advocates for Sustainable Infrastructure Funding on Capitol Hill

08 Jul 2016

Executives participate in Infrastructure Week Advocacy Day; announce new CASE Dire States Equipment Grant.

Executives from CASE Construction Equipment met with congressional leaders in Washington D.C. on May 18 as part of advocacy efforts during Infrastructure Week, an annual nationwide event aimed at spurring action on America’s crumbling infrastructure. CASE representatives also took the opportunity to launch the CASE Dire States Equipment Grant, a new grant designed to help one community offset costs of an important local infrastructure project.

“Our message to Congress, and elected officials throughout the country, is to find a sustainable method of funding for all modes of infrastructure,” says Scott Harris, vice president – North America, CASE Construction Equipment. “Progress has been made with the passing of the FAST Act and the recent discussions on FAA reauthorization, but we need solutions that address the needs of today’s infrastructure without passing the burden on to future generations. Investing in infrastructure now both spurs the economy and prevents even higher costs of repair and replacement in the future.”

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CASE Launches Dire States Equipment Grant

08 Jul 2016

CASE Construction Equipment has launched the Dire States Equipment Grant – a new grant that will provide one winning community with $25,000 in free equipment use to help offset the costs of building or repairing a critical piece of local infrastructure. Representatives of municipal, county and other local governments are eligible to apply for the grant. Entrants will be asked to describe the project and provide a detailed assessment of how that local piece of infrastructure will benefit the community.

Examples of suitable infrastructure projects include: road/bridge repair or construction, utility pipe replacement, erosion control along lakes and rivers, wastewater system improvements and park/recreational construction. All projects that fall within the 16 core categories of infrastructure, as identified by ASCE in its Infrastructure Report Card, will be considered.

The grant is named for CASE’s infrastructure awareness and advocacy initiative, Dire States, which evolved from a national tour in 2013 that focused on raising awareness of America’s ailing infrastructure into active campaigning for specific programs and legislation. The deadline for entry is Aug. 19, 2016, and winners will be announced in September.

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